Contracts and Agreements

Contracts and Other Documents For Your Business

As a business owner, you will constantly receive contracts to sign. Every signature means additional liabilities and responsibilities. We can review, edit, and negotiate contracts for you so you can sign each contract with peace of mind, and with the knowledge of exactly what you are signing up for.

We can also draft contracts and agreements related to all aspects of your business. We can draft and review any of the following type, and more! Call us at (949) 346-5294 to ask about any other contracts.

  • Employment Documents
    • Employment Agreements
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements
    • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Compliance with Federal, State, and Local Requirements
    • Business License and Permits
    • Workplace Safety
    • Employment and Immigration
    • Finance and Tax Considerations
    • Online User Agreements, Privacy Policies etc.
  • Business Contracts
    • Commercial Leases
    • Purchase and Sales Agreements
    • Service Agreements
    • Joint Venture Agreements
    • Sub-Contractor Agreements
  • Employee Manuals and Handbooks