Flexible Payment Options

Working With Your Business!

We understand that when you are a new or small business, you have countless expenses on a limited budget. We have a few different payment options (please keep in mind that these depend on the type of service you are seeking).

  • Flat-fee  plus expenses: We perform most of our legal work on a flat-fee basis. For example, most entity formations are done on a flat-fee basis and if you request it, we can break the payment down into two or more payments. Our estate planning services (living trusts, wills and other documents) are always charged on a flat-fee basis.
    • With flat-fee attorneys fees, there may be government or other third-party fees attached. These are hard costs, and  you will pay exactly as much as we pay to the third-parties. We will try our best to let you know about these at the outset so there are no surprises!
  • Hourly: If you only need us once in a while for advice, legal strategy consulting, negotiating, contract drafting etc., you can pay us hourly for the amount of time spent. We will invoice you after the work is done.
  • Monthly Retainer: As a partner in the success of our clients, we offer a steep discount when you retain us to give you a set number of hours of legal advice every month.  The monthly retainer for our clients can vary from 5 hours a month on the lower end to 40-60 hours a month. You decide what is right for your business and its growth, and we will work with you!

We also accept credit card payments via secure, encrypted service.