General Business Law Questions

Attorney at Your Fingertips!

After you have established your new business (Congratulations!), and started your operations, you may have other business-related questions that come up. Instead of hiring an expensive in-house counsel from the get-go, you can contact us on an as-needed basis.

Whether its a new employee, a new contract, and issues with clients, or anything else, Madaan Law, P.C. is available for you. You can call us when you have questions, and we have flexible payment options that work with your business’s budget and growth.

Some issues that we get questions about often are:

  • Issues with employees, including disgruntled employees.
  • Negotiating contracts.
  • Entering a new area of services/products etc.
  • Adding new partners, shareholders, or members to your company.
  • General questions about how businesses are structured.

Call us at (949) 346-5294 to ask about our flexible payment options for small businesses.