Virtual Wills and Trusts

Client Testimonial:

My wife and I first started thinking about estate planning when our daughters were born a few years ago. We thought it would be important to secure their future but neither of us knew anything about estate planning or where to begin. I reached out to my friend from college, who is now a lawyer and he put me in contact with Aastha Madaan.

We lived in Norther California and when we found at the Aastha lived in Southern California we were a bit apprehensive to go with her simply because we thought face to face discussions would be easier. We decided to have an introductory call with Aastha anyways. She quickly setup video conference call and we were immediately comfortable with Aastha and working remotely. We thought she would be a great fit to help us with our estate planning. Aastha was very easy to work with, answered all of our questions, described the entire process in detail, and was up front with the fees we could expected.

Working remotely with Aastha was very simple. All conversations were held over the course of 1-2 video conference calls and most everything else was handled via email. Aastha was very accommodating to our families schedule and since we had a direct line to her communication was very easy. There was only one package sent to us via FedEx that required signatures and Aastha did a great job documenting what we needed to do. If we did have questions we usually sent an email and Aastha always responded promptly (even once when she was on vacation). After the estate planning was completed questions would crop up and a simple email to Aastha was super easy for us. She always replied quickly and gave us the information needed.

Overall, working remotely with Aastha was incredibly easy for our family and I would recommend her to my friends and family.